A long day: KFC to 500 days of summer

random post

Yesterday was the very last day of 152.

It was  one of the most longest days I had to go without sleep but it was worth it.

The journey that was Ramcar…

from KFC to RAMCAR

the day before I was awake from 5pm up to 5am (the 26th) the very next day,.went to GMa-kamuning to meet my group mates, took a cab to Ramcar and something fell out when I was getting out (it was either a violet/yellowish bill:(), went in, my laptop wasn’t working, finally it worked, did the pitch and then went to school, met my friends and the best part of my day….went to bed and slept for eight hours:)


I had a very personal talk with my laptop that day. It was already weak two days before the pitch due to the various documents and videos eating up its memory card, that day I was truly nervous and I believe I had the tendency to cry since it wasn’t working and took at least 10 minutes at every loading step (the windows logo, the compaq logo…:() luckily it worked, after having had borrowed a rosary from Dasi(thanks Dasi) and the “himas-himas” together with ate hanna (thanks ate hanna):). I don’t really name the things I have like other people but after that pitch, I’ll name my laptop, Trojan(christian suggested it..hahaha) from now on to always remember the day it almost died but gave way after talking to it and saying ” last na to kaya natin to” haha.  I’ll let it rest for now after a hard earned three weeks worth of non-stop work:)

Good things that happened

though I lost the yellowish/violet  bill (it kinda still hurts to utter the number..:(:( )that day when I was getting out from the taxi, I still hope that it made the taxi driver’s day but though that happened, though I didn’t even cry nor thought too much about it, I was really glad that things turned out great after that…

  • our pitch went great….not so many hard questions asked but as Sir Barry said we just needed to improve on one aspect of the pitch..hehe
  • my laptop whose heart was almost dying made a miraculous comeback and had let me get some of the files we needed.:):)
  • ate hanna treated me to a chocolate brownie at KFC (thanks ate hanna)
  • went to school and had a fun chat with my group mates (dasi, christian and nancy)
  • made it on time to school at 12nn to pass my paper for OC 145 …ran all the way to DAC..hehe
  • receive a snickers chocolate bar from ate Novs (thanks ate novs..:):))..
  • got out of DAC and learned that the coalescence is not on Oct. 27 but on Nov. 27, which means I could sleep the whole day:)
  • learned that we don’t have anymore requirements (except for me, the 152 blog comments)
  • just right after shouting with joy of having no more requirements to pass…a miracle text came from my friends (whom I haven’t seen for a really long time) asking me if I’m free to hang out
  • talked a bit with my classmates and got treated to a bottle of mineral water (..didn’t have anymore money but the mineral water + snickers was enough, I really wasn’t that hungry..hehe)
  • then met up with my friends and watched 500 days of summer (reallllllly greeeeeeat movieeee):):)
  • finally went to sleep on my soft pillow and bed…:):)



watch it...it's so great:):)



Sometimes the most toxic and sad (still can’t forget the lost bill) days can be really great, it’s all just a matter of perspective…:):)

bye (for now..hehe):)

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Cute Voices and HAPPY BESTS! :):)

16th lecture post

Last Saturday was our last class in 152. Honestly, I would say it was truly a roller coaster of a learning experience. After the second to the last requirement (we still have the communication plan) I was able to breathe a little bit.  The podcasts presented by the groups were great, I liked the voices and how everyone tried to create a story through the podcast.

After Sir Barry’s reminders on always take in mind people, “PEOPLE FIRST AND FOREMOST” and the thing about being your happiest best, I remembered why I should write again in my comm blog. I was reminded of being my happy self whenever I accomplish things and not being able to accomplish my blogs on time were a bit of a drag.  I was also reminded of the reason why I enrolled in 152 instead of 133; maybe it was all just coincidence. Honestly I was happy with the course description and after talking with my adviser (sir burn  hehe) he agreed to let me take 152 instead of 133.

My 152 experience opened me to a lot of new things. I met new people, I got to know better those whom I knew before, I had fun and I had a lot of hands-on experience that I think will prepare me for the next  HARD (math is an alien subject..Hehe) semester.

Though there were a lot of requirements, it made me realize that I don’t have to over think everything and to just keep going and to do your very best, because it just makes you frustrated when you don’t meet your own expectations.  I think I also learned to become very patient with myself ( because sometimes I do procrastinate  and my  lazy self always gets the better of me when I get overwhelmed with doing too many things)  and to really improve my time management skills.

I think that after this semester and after Oct. 26 (OMG!! the same day we held the 25th orcom conference, Sept.26.haha…big coincidence? Nope, it jus t means that the 26th is always the d-day) Ill go to bed and sleep and think about happy things because this I think is the happiest best for my mental state right now, Hehe.


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Random post

16th post

As for this random post, I would like to share my night of being the bouncer at the cirque event. It was a really fun night, although I spent most of the night outside, I got to drink lots of free drinks, almost won a raffle prize (they uttered # 34 but it’s almost close to #33 too right. Haha. The “number thirty—….” was the really exciting part). I also got to eat lots of fruits and waffles.

The Ants was great too, it’s a drink made out of sugar, which tasted a bit like honey, YUM. As the bouncer, I got to know the other bouncer (I called him Kuya, but for others he was the door guy who looked like a man from the marines, he was wearing this white kind of soldier uniform with gold tassels at the side). I also crossed my arms from time to time (whenever my classmates would enter. Haha) and bounced the night away.

The only thing I regret did not know that I will be assigned the task of being the bouncer ahead of time if I had known; I would have worn my bouncer shirt, instead of wearing party clothes…so as to achieve the full bouncer effect. Haha.

cirque :)

cirque :)

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Random post

15th post

The flooded registration table

From the heading above, it is obvious that I am talking about at what happened at the conference last September 26. It was the day that said you had to have not only a Plan B but up to Plan Z (what will you do if your event gets flooded?). I was the in charge of the registration table and boy was I shocked to see that the table that one of my group mates had skirted the night before (my classmate says this is what you call the technique of designing tables with cloth). Luckily the programs and souvenirs were saved.

I was actually surprised and amazed that even up to the time that we were already packing up the things to move them upstairs at the department, there were two freshmen who were the very last to register (about 12noon) and who were very nice to say that the souvenir programs looked great. I was also thankful that many came to the conference even though it was raining hard and it was already storm signal #1 (when I listened to the radio at about 4am that very day).

picture2...after the conference

picture2...after the conference

walking with my classmates in the knee high flood waters

walking with my classmates in the knee high flood waters


On Monday, I checked my FB account, and I was amazed at how the power of FB gave way to the many things that people wanted to share, do or just for people to know. I was actually glad that I checked my account or I would never have known that my high school in Q.C. got flooded and they were looking for volunteers for the clean-up. I saw through the pictures how the flood destroyed the classrooms that I had the best times with my friends. Also through FB, people were telling their “baha stories” and it made me aware that not only was I affected by the flood but many whom I know even lost their homes.  The tagged pictures and cause invites also made me want to give and help out in any way I can.


Though FB could help people and to reach out to people it could also (I think) destroy a person’s reputation. When I watched the news that weekend, there was this information about a girl named Jackie who got emails and threats on her online accounts especially on her FB because of one of her shout outs which kind of said this “those Filipinos in the Philippines are all sinners..Haha..Good for them…that was their punishment from God“.

The girl said that she was not the one who posted it and that someone had hacked into her account had posted it.  After having the words posted on her FB account, she was criticized on fb seconds later and many were leaving comments that were either hurtful or even sounded like a threat. I think that people should be wary of the damage that online media can do to other people’s reputation and that they shouldn’t always get revenge. Sometimes it’s best to just ask the person about why they are like that rather than get revenge on them in the meanest possible way.


from Zid Santos’s FB photos..thanks ZID!

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Changing the world through Communication and leadership

14th LEcture Post

Last Sept. 26, 2009 was the day our orcom conference was held.  There were many things that  I was trying to handle that day but luckily I was still able to listen to Ms. Yolly Ong our keynote speaker.

During that day too, most people who attended the conference got stranded on their way home and others were left behind at the school. While others who got home clicked on their TVs, watched the news and shared what they felt on facebook.

Facebook as Ms. Yolanda Ong said has become our way of sharing what we feel to the world and mostly to the people around us (our FB friends and contacts). But after her speech, the one liner she said struck a chord among many speakers and up until the conference ended; her name was still mentioned by the last speaker.

Her line: “face time is still better than facebook.”

She said that although we may have relied on social networks to share what we feel and to communicate, still face to face communication is much better than any kind of communication technology.

Face to face enables you to get your feelings across through body language, your tone and voice and makes you avoid misunderstandings. While other forms of communication makes you lose the ability to communicate face to face and most of the time the words are not enough, people need to see you to talk to you so that you could understand each other.

When I took up Orcom 107 (intercultural communication) last semester, I remembered that we also tackled on the different aspects of body language and how gestures, facial expressions and even eye movements could communicate what you are really trying to say even without the words.

One of my classmates back then said that though we’d like the other person to feel how we’re feeling by putting on lots of smiley and cute emoticons on our messages, it’s still different.

If we’re able to improve on our ability to communicate effectively face to face then we would become more effective leaders. Ms. Ong said that every leader has a vision, a never changing paradigm.  When she said this I was actually amazed at how she combined the difficult theme of the conference with something that’s easy to understand. I guess what she said about leaders being the best communicators are true, because she’s a good example of that.

But as she said, leaders sometimes may lose themselves in the power and authority that they have and therefore they always need to have somebody they trust to tell them whether they are still being real, whether they are still themselves. In relation to facebook and other social networking sites, Ms. Ong also said that we have the tendency to lose ourselves and sometimes we are even the ones trying to change who we truly are. I realized that there are a million different people using social network sites for that purpose. That I may even be one of them is a possibility.

Although I agree with Ms. Ong on the aspect that people tend to have different personalities on the web, but it’s not certain that we may have the tendency to lose ourselves. People change and most of the time they are happy with their choices, maybe the only thing they have to ask their loved ones is whether the change is for the better or for the worse. Then that’s the time they need to get back to reality.

So how does the ability to get back on face to face communication, having a vision and having the best leaders act out that vision all build up to? It’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) or the power of advocacy. Ms. Ong said that the best organizations are those who have an advocacy or a CSR sector. She said that advocacies can enact culture change not only for the organization but it may also affect those outside the organization.

I agree with Ms. Ong on this one. With all the election advocacies introduced by different organizations such as GMA’s eleksyon 2010, ABS-CBN’s boto mo, ipatrol mo, and DDB’s ako mismo, it’s no wonder that many of the youth today are realizing that there is something that they can do. On the one hand, what Ms. Ong, I think, failed to mention is how these advocacies could continue long after the hype and popularity has died down.

Some organizations have advocacies that could be continued (disregarding advocacies put up for specific events) but most fail to continue it on to the next season. What’s scary for me is that after the May 2010 elections will these advocacies of ABS-CBN and GMA still be there in the next presidential elections or will it just stay up to the Election Day itself.

I agree with Ms. Ong that face to face communication comes in hand with leadership and that leaders are the vision-makers. But it’s also important that the vision should really tap everyone and that with an organization’s advocacy, the leader’s vision is the enduring force for its continuation.

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Uniquely US…

13th lecture post

On the talk of Mr. Paolo Pangan of Yehey Philippines

  • He said that there was a time that TIME magazine featured YOU as person of the year.  It means that every one of us has the capacity to change the way things are through technology or even by the power of the net. I think that we could do it; we could even change the world. In the process, we could even change how our country is doing right now through the internet and going back to my last blog on the 2010 elections, the internet has helped the advocacies of different companies to reach the whole population.
  • That Americans have never used multiply to build a store, Only Filipinos do it. I think that we Filipinos are real risk takers than most Americans. We try most things that other people think are weird or ridiculous but it is in these “no fear” attitude we have  on doing things online shows that we have an edge over them.   Having put up sites on multiply and even friendster has given many Filipinos the chance to start their own businesses and explore their creative talent. It also enabled more people to gain more profits without having to deal with costs that go along with building a real shop.   On why we call Yahoo messenger as YM and not as IM (instant messaging), I think makes us more unique. It states the fact that we know the trend but we don’t necessarily follow everything.

The internet truly has given us the power but sometimes we need to look back and ask ourselves, how we can use it to do better or even the question has it changed us.  We need to always be on the edge and to never lose that uniqueness we have. Just like us Filipinos having a store on multiply, being creative and at the same time using that creativity to open doors to possibilities gives us an advantage. Maybe in the near future, it’s possible that our multiply stores could take over the world and be known as the country who became the center of the business world through multiply.

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Making it Viral: A day about Noodles and FOAFs

12th Lecture POST

I had a great time doing the viral video project with my group mates. We had a great time making it and the title was just really funny: “mind your own noodles.” After showing the video in class, our task now was to promote the video. We promoted it through broadcasting, individual messaging and social networking. We tried to make use of all our social networking sites and tapped all our acquaintances, FOAF (friend of another friend) and all the people we know who could help us make it viral.

During the promotion week, I think I also exhausted all the possibilities of getting people to view it just like my group mates. I even went back to my old friendster account and made a shout out regarding the video link.

Also I tapped all those who were part of my friends list, including my old classmates in grade school. Though I just looked at the stats only twice during that week, I thought that the number of hits (I saw the final stats on our report since Nash got the stats the night before or the morning before the report) was fairly good. I think that the music (people really liked it as shown on the comments) and the competition on a simple funny thing such as spicy Korean noodles made people watch it.

We also learned that it’s better to test it out by not putting things like “we need it in class, or please click it because its,” because people would only click it since they would like to help you but not for the reason that it looks like an interesting video link.

After making the video, seeing all our videos in class and comparing it with other popular viral videos (those that had been featured back in TIME’s 100 list or in other top video lists) I realized that videos become viral because the people doing it liked what they were doing or sometimes it’s just something spontaneous/unexpected.

Just like those really popular viral videos, I saw that my classmates enjoyed what they were doing and they too believed that other people might like it too and that’s why people clicked and watched it.

Here’s a link to our video …have fun!




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